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Catalyst protection agent  
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Desulfurizer 13X molecular sieves modified successfully developed a new type of highly efficient desulfurization agent. The product has a uniform pore size, high specific surface and a polar adsorption performance, it has many advantages:
    a (H2S, SO2 and stream alcohol) and other polar molecular sieve having a strong adsorption, even in the higher the temperature, the larger the airspeed, there is still a high adsorption capacity, and can be repeatedly reused, overcome the shortcomings of the zinc oxide desulfurizer regeneration can not use, greatly reducing the cost of desulfurization.
    b, the water has a high adsorption desulfurization while also off to get rid of the water in the process gas can be, is a dual function of the adsorbent. Aromatization, isomerization, and other devices can be widely circulating gas desulfurization, dehydration.

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